"KODOMO" – Art Exhibition for Children

Children are the bricks of world peace. However, recently cases of domestic violence and school bullying seem to have increased considerably. I think that we should examine into why these cases happen. When I look into my childhood, I remember there was bullying and conflict among children, too. One important difference appears to be that there was control over incidents that prevented them from developing into cases that involve police. Bullying and conflict can never be stamped out of the world. However, it is not right to ignore it. What we thought we could do now in hope of a bright future for the children is The 4th "International" "KODOMO" Art Exhibition for Children." We are hoping that interaction with art will help children cultivate a sense of right and wrong and richness of the heart and mind. I believe that world peace can be achieved when children learn that there are rules in society that both adults and children must observe and grow to become people who are able to foresee what will follow to an action committed. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the many artists who have extended their support and earnestly look forward to their continuing cooperation with our endeavor. Thank you so very much.
Fumitaka Ishikawa
Managing Director

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